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Weight Loss at AMC

Weight Loss Surgery at AMC

We offer a comprehensive weight loss surgery program at Atlanta Medical Center. We have been prestigiously named a Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery Accreditation and Quality Improvement Program. This award was given to us based upon our proven track record of success in bariatric surgery.

We have performed over 5,000 weight loss surgeries . Our surgical team routinely performs the gastric bypass, lap band, gastric sleeve and duodenal switch procedures, primarily using the laparoscopic and the traditional open technique, depending on the patient’s individual needs.


Our comprehensive program includes:

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Regardless of the type of surgery you choose, you’ll need to work with your physician and a dietitian to construct a healthy diet plan to assure both weight loss and good nutrition. You’ll be creating a plan for your new life; therefore it is important to follow it permanently for the sake of protecting your health. Our licensed dietitians can teach you about healthy food choices and new methods of food preparation.


Bariatric surgery may help you meet your weight-loss, health, and lifestyle goals. However, once you’ve undergone bariatric surgery, you’ll need to learn some new habits to make sure that you lose weight and keep it off. Remember, this is NOT a diet but rather a weight-loss tool to help you change your life. 

Ongoing Support

Meet the challenges adjusting to life post operatively with the commitment of ongoing education and support.  Talking to a professional about your previous struggles with obesity and your current struggles with your new post-surgery lifestyle can help you understand more about yourself, and help you stay focused on your goals. You may also find that being involved in support groups with other people who have experienced similar struggles can be extremely helpful and help you stay motivated. We highly encourage everyone to attend support group meetings after their surgery. If you are unable to attend the meetings, try to find a group that you can get together with to support each other.


Free Informational Seminars

Attend one of our free seminars to find out if surgery is an option for you. We’ll discuss the risks and possible complications associated with the surgery as well as what to expect from life after the procedure.  

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